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SOLID Garbage/Recycling Truck Data Recording System

Every modern city over the world has its own Sanitation Department. They take charge of the municipal sanitation, so that people can walk in clean streets every day. And among their work, residential garbage collection is one of the most important parts.

Currently, the feasible way is to distribute garbage collection trucks to each residential area. Then the question arises that how to supervise the garbage collection trucks to reach their destinations and also finish recycling bins on time. It concerns the Sanitation Department a lot.

According to this problem, SOLID Technologies has provided a set of effective solutions with the offline UHF distance RFID reading and writing technology.

Now this solution is also provided with a Demo version to show the customs how to operate.

This Demo board includes Solid STM32 development board, UHF distance RFID reader, infrared sensor, buzzer, etc.

Among these, the Solid STM32 development board includes Ethernet, UART, Micro SD Card, RTC, and so on; the UHF distance RFID reader supports US and European frequency standards; the passive tag’s identification distance is 1-6m. 

The working procedure of SOLID Garbage/Recycling Truck Data Recording System:

First attach the passive RFID tags to the bottoms of garbage bins so that when the bins are lift up by the mechanical arms of garbage cycling trucks, the system can drive the RFID reader to read the tags. After that, the system will record into the Micro SD card the tag information and time in EXCEL form. When the whole day’s work of garbage cycling is finished, we can input the data of Micro SD card into PC data base, so that the customs can easily search for it. 

Next, we’ll begin our demo:

Firstly, we will introduce the connection method of each module:

The package of STM32 development board needs UART interface, GPIO interface, and power interface;

As for infrared sensor module, the gray wire is signal wire, which is connected to GPIO, the red wire is 3.3V power, and the black one is GND;

As for buzzer module, the red wire is 3.3V power, and the black one is GPIO;

As for RFID reader module, the blue wire is TXD, the green one id RXD the red one is 3.3v power, and the black one is GND. 

After connecting each module, we will demo the product’s function: 

Step 1: please check if the Micro SD card has been inserted into the seat. If you haven’t inserted the card, the buzzer will give an alarm. In this case, you have to insert your Micro SD card again after power off. 

Step 2: the system is equipped with the function of infrared obstacle detection. Only with obstacles will the STM32 send commander of reading RFID tags through UART interface, which can save system’s power.  

Step 3: when the red LED light on the infrared detecting module is on, it means that the system has detected obstacles. Meanwhile, the system will read effective RFID tags, and then input the tag number and date accurate to second into the Micro SD card. 

Step 4: After inputting the effective data, the buzzer will alarm you with soundDU  

Step 5: The system will automatically establish CSV files, saving the data in fixed format. Customers can use MS EXCEL to open the file to check information. 

Good news! All the modules of this system are available in SOLID depot online store!