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Color Image LCD Shield for Arduino (Nokia6100 LCD)

Color Image LCD Shield for Arduino (Nokia6100 LCD)



The shield is not an empty shield. The nokia 6100 LCD is included.

This 128x128 mini color LCD is a perfect match for the  portable application. It is designed to repalce a broken screen in a cell phone. So the connector was not designed for multiple attachment/detachment. Please be gentle and handle with care.

This inexpensive LCD comes with a powerful white LED backlight and a relatively simple serial interface. It's a 9-bit interface, so beware. But we were able to get the LCD up and running on a LPC2138 with a few hours worth of work.

Frame Dimensions: 1.35x1.58"
Active Display Dimensions: 1.2"x1.2"


  • LCD Logic - 3.3V @ 2-3mA
  • LED Backlight - 7V @ 40-50mA (very bright)
  • Full 4,096 Color Display
  • Uses the Philips PCF8833 Controller


Pin Out (use the numbering visible on the display connector):

  1. VCC-Digital (3.3V)
  2. RESET
  3. SDATA
  4. SCK
  5. CS
  6. VCC-Display (3.3V)
  7. N/C
  8. GND
  9. LED GND
  10. LED V+ (6-7V)

     You can see this after you run the code on your arduino.

     Item list:

    • Color Image LCD empty Shield *1
    • Nokia 6100 LCD *1

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