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Breakout Board for Si4703 FM Tuner

Breakout Board for Si4703 FM Tuner
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This is a nice little receiver that is quite sensitive. I would have preferred it to be supplied without the 8-way header already soldered because the header soldered as shown meant it was upside down when used in a breadboard. There are no mounting holes to fix it to a larger project's PCB so, again, the header would be better soldered underneath instead of on top so it could be soldered directly to the project's PCB.

As there is no pin connection silk-screen label for the header it was necessary to check the schematic carefully and count the pins on the header from there.

The software in the supplied link required a bit of modification to get it working with the latest Arduino 1.0 IDE. wire.send is now wire.write and wire.receive is now

There was also an "infinite" while(1) loop at line 128 preventing the "tuning options" from being displayed.

Once those small items were sorted, the tuner worked perfectly and is a nice little breakout board.

I look forward to a slightly less expensive option for delivery to the UK! :=)
Date Added: 01/23/2012 by John Owen