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U-EC3 U-EC5 U-EC6 C8051F microcontroller USB simulator

U-EC3 U-EC5 U-EC6 C8051F microcontroller USB simulator



This is the U-EC6 of enhanced version, which increases 1 pin for 3.3V output power and whose 10 pin in the simulator can choose internal 5V output.


  • The 10 PIN MOLEX gold-plated Jane cow socket  and top grade 10 PIN row line connector.
  • Use the mini 5 PIN USB socket of import ACON brand.

The reliability of connection and service life of the product on the nature have all been improved.

The description of Simulator:

  1. The firmware, EC3 EC5 EC6 adopt the same reset software and support online update. The difference between U-EC5 and U-EC6 is their hardware. U-EC5 does not take buffer so no 5 V output. EC6 increases 5 V voltage output, add the interface buffer. This product increases the 3.3 V 1 foot output based on that . And solve the other manufacturers that 5 V output is easy to cause the simulation damaged. It is stable version of the EC6.
  2. Support the whole series of C8051F microcontroller (JTAG/C2 mode).
  3. Software can be upgraded, system above WinMe can avoid driving.
  4. Support IAR, Keil, Silabs IDE and other debugging software.
  5. MiniUSB interface, common device interface with mobile phone/MP3 and general.
  6. Small size, easy to carry.
  7. Buffer IC between simulator and target MCU, and more effective to protect target MCU and simulation device from damaged easily.
  8. When necessary, it can customize the serial number, each product is different.
  9. 1 foot output 3.3 V to target board, 10 feet can choose 5 V output, users must confirm the output power will not be short circuit and the simulation shall not be used in the occasion whose current more than 500 mA.
  10. The interface of simulation device is defined as follows:




















+5V/500mA(Internal jump line support)


In the use of KEIL, after driver installed, set according to the following, then can be used.


The use in SILABS IDE

Flash Programming connection example

We use this simulator to program the C8051F340 on our AS3991/AS3992 reader board.

When the simulator is connected to the board by C2 interface, you can see below

The problem of some of the new device connected fail:

If the simulator normally use (such as can be connected to other old chip), but cannot be connected to the new type of chip, please download the latest version of Flash Programming

The restoration of the simulator

If individual user suddenly meet connected fail to the hardware. Then can use the official simulators repair software-"USB Debug Adapter Firmware Reset. Exe" to repair simulators Firmware.

Item list:

  1. USB-Debug-Adapter *1
  2. High quality MiniUSB-5 p quality cable *1
  3. 10-pin high quality JTAG cable *1
  4. Software ------ We can send this to your mailbox.

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