i.MX27 IP Camera Platform iMX27 Core Board

ARM 9 Core (eg freescale iMX27,Samsung S3C2440)

i.MX27 IP Camera Platform iMX27 Core Board

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The i.MX27 IP Camera Platform targets IP surveillance applications. The IP Surveillance camera has a CMOS camera unit interfaced to the processing unit. It captures and transmits live images directly over an IP network, enabling a user to locally or remotely view, store, and manage video over standard IP-based network infrastructure.
The design is based on Freescale’s i.MX27, Multimedia Applications Processor, suitable for surveillance applications due to its high multimedia processing capability with security engines. The Platform offers faster time to market in a low-power solution in addition to hardware and software flexibility required for customization.

http://www.soliddepot.com/index.php?mai ... ucts_id=26


In response to the needs of design engineers tasked with pushing the performance envelope, packing in a lot of connectivity options and providing robust security in mobile device designs, Freescale presents the i.MX27 multimedia applications processor. Derived from the popular i.MX21 processor and based on the ARM926EJ-STM core, the i.MX27 processor adds an h.264 D1 hardware codec for high-resolution video processing, an Ethernet 10/100 MAC, security, plug-and-play connectivity and more power management features. This rich feature set makes it an excellent choice for video- and voiceover- IP (V2IP) cordless and mobile phones, intelligent remote controls, point-of-sale terminals and many other wireless applications.


CPU Complex

ARM926EJ-S 400 MHz core
16 KB L1 I-Cache and D-Cache
16-channel DMA
ETM real-time debug
Smart Speed switch

MPEG-4 H.263/H.264 D1 HW Codec
Pre- and post-processing
High-speed CMOS sensor interface
MX27 Connectivity

10 and 100 Mbps Ethernet/IEEE802.3MAC
USB OTG high speed, host x 2
3 x MMC/SD, Memory Stick-Pro
ATA-6 (HDD) interface
Audio MUX
IrDA, keypad, 1-wire
Configurable SPI x 3, SSI/I2S x 2, UART x 6

Soliddigi iMX27 Core Board

CPU: Freescale i.MX27, ARM926EJS, 400MHz
Power£º5V DC-IN
DDR: 128MB (64M * 2)
Nand Flash: 256MB MLC Nand Flash
LCD interface£ºRGB565£¬7‘TFT LCD, 800x480
Ethernet: FEC 100M Ethernet interface
SD Card: 1 * SDIO
USB HSI£º 2, including OTG * 1 and HOST* 1(can connector 54Mbpsusb wifi)
Audio(Codec)£ºMic in£¬Speaker out (need external board)
Uart£º 2 RS232, 1 Debug (need external board)
Camera Interface£º1 * CCD or CMOS interface
JTAG Debug Port£º1 (need external board)
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