GPS Shield User guide (step by step)

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GPS Shield User guide (step by step)

Postby vaico » 2011-10-03 19:39

GPS shield is designed for arduino board.The GPS module and SD module included on the board, you can chose to use your own 3.3v or from arduino board. The board also can work without the arduino,you can use the PC to receive the data from the board.
Picture1 The up side of the board Picture 2 The bottom side of the board
Picture 3 GPS shield connection
P7---arduino ISP
P3---GPS_TX select
P9---3.3V POWER SUPPLY select
Picture 4 The LEDs & some other pins
GPS has 2 contral pins of power,one is GPS_PWR,the other is GPS_PPS.
Picture 5 GPS part
The SD module is connected to arduino through SPI, you can connect the signal lines with the 0 Ω Res or wires.

Softare Platform : arduino

Hardware Platform : GPS shield & arduino 328

Test Result : Get the data from the UART:
Picture 6 SD card Messages

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