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UHF RFID kit ST25RU3992 reader - using 4dBi ceramic antenna

UHF RFID kit ST25RU3992 reader - using 4dBi ceramic antenna



This UHF RFID kit is a small rifd system. With it you can start to learn how the AS3992 works or apply them to your project to realize intelligent identification ect.


1. The default working frequency of this reader is Europe standard (867.5MHz~867.5MHz). Of course, the working frequency can be set by sending API commands.

2. The best working frequency of this antenna is 920~925MHz.

When it is used with our AS3992 reader, set the working frequency of reader be USA standard (902.75MHz~927.25MHz), which is the best for working. The distance of scanning a tag can reach 1.5m. This kit can read up to 40 labels at the same time when the labels are all close to the antenna. By default Europe standard, the distance is up to 9cm.

This UHF RFID kit contains:

     1. AS399x UHF RFID reader module USB version *1

    2. 4dBi Ceramic antenna*1, reading distance for 9cm~1m adjustable. (Note: This distance is aimed at one label. The more tags, the shorter distance will read. )

    3. Power adapter *1, power adapter will be changed according to the source, please understand, thanks! 

    4. EPC GEN2 tag *2

    5. 5-pin mini USB cable *1

    6. Related material------We can send these documents to your mailbox. Note: If we do not send to you, you can ask for them from us-^^- 

With this kit you can make the UHF RFID reader work and begin to study it.

How to quick start to test if the AS3992 reader works?See here:


You can download the files of as3992 reader from here:

The source code of reader suite software:

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